I go to Zumba wearing either a Hello Kitty or BANE t-shirt. Yep. Flyest. 
Me. Sweaty. Hot day. Ugh.
Waiting until the roasted beets are ready to pick up more ingredients for dinner. Make up today is on point. ^_^
Alice in Wonderland piece for Children’s Book Illustration. Happy with this little piece. 
I genuinely want this entire outfit for myself. But unfortunately it totals nearly a grand ! Why tho?
Nothing like the smell of plastic baskets and Easter bunnies. *weirdo*
I want to be back in Boston, too much stuff I wanted to do!
Inside a smelly room lol ahem @pschafes
I made this lil’ portrait while bored in class today, ink, highlighter, and pink acrylic. What a babe! (Lecheconmiel)
doodles for my package design project. cacao cultivating.
we are going bananas ;3 
listening to records.

Thinking of making Twin Peaks prints. C: For you fans, what are some things you’d like to see in a print? (Shapes, color, composition, content, anything! ) if I get any replies back I will start making them and they’ll be available for purchase. Or if you have any other ideas that you think I can pull off It would be appreciated! Thank you c:

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